A longtime friend was writing about collector cars recently. He referred to the 1976 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible, which became an instant collectible when collectors feared it would be the last convertible ever because of proposed tough government regulations.
The Sportage was one of the first Kia models to land in North America. Four generations later, it’s an entirely different vehicle that plays in an entirely different league of competitors.
There’s nothing more thrilling than dropping the top of a convertible on a sunny day and hitting the open road. Like all fun things automotive, though, there is a major consideration when it comes to convertible tops, especially in arid climates like Las Vegas: Should you have a hardtop or cloth-top convertible?
The world is seemingly awash in tall wagons (aka crossovers) of all sizes that provide plenty of passenger and cargo space. It’s sort of a rebirth of the sport utility craze that took the 1990s by storm, but this time around the vehicles are smaller, lighter, more versatile, better on fuel and not based on hard-edged truck platforms.
When it comes to automotive design, probably gullwing doors exude luxury. The way they slice upwards at the push of a button to allow egress and ingress is a thing of beauty.
A few years back, I was at a presentation for the Bentley Mulsanne in New York City. An abundance of fabulous features stood out, like the customized umbrella that fit in a special slot in the driver’s door.
The Passat is the roomiest sedan that Volkswagen offers in the U.S., and not only has it been thoroughly “Americanized,” it is also built here — in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Volkswagen rolled out the first Passat back in 1973, making it older than many of the people who buy it today, and the 2016 version is its eighth generation.
When is a transmission not just a box of gears? When it’s the 8P75XPH, a brand-new device — and concept — from ZF, the German supplier of automatic transmissions to many high-end cars. Not only does it offer eight speeds ahead and one in reverse, it also tucks a powerful electric motor inside its housing, where it can help out a vehicle’s gasoline engine right at the source, as it were.
Just how significant is the new Pacifica minivan? Important enough to obliterate the Town &Country name, because, quite frankly, Chrysler doesn’t want you thinking about it. At all. Ever. The Pacifica is mind bleach. Your memory wipe.
What sedan is the poster child of the entry-luxury segment? The BMW 3-series, of course.
The Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic have been around for more than 40 years. What’s the secret to longevity in a model?
An all-new Prius doesn’t come along every day. In fact, there have only been three distinct models since the Prius was introduced in North America for 2000. That makes the new-for-2016 Prius a pretty big deal for fans of the brand.


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