When Park Place Infiniti General Manager Rob Schweizer first heard about the upcoming Las Vegas Prom Closet event, he flashed back to his own youth.
When the late Pete Findlay opened his first automobile dealership in Las Vegas in 1961, he encouraged employees to become involved in the community. That belief remains a big part of the company, which is now one of the largest privately owned businesses in Nevada.
Founded in 1917, Lincoln Motor Co. has a rich history that became a part of Findlay Automotive Group in 2004.
Earlier this month, as the morning bustle of Henderson Hyundai Superstore was getting underway, a group of well-dressed executives made their way from a conference room to the showroom. Everyone took notice of the group, not because they were high-ranking executives from Hyundai Motor America, but because of what they were carrying and what this moment represented — that all the work it takes to run a successful car dealership was going to be recognized.
It isn’t often that automotive technicians move to sales at an automobile dealership, but Friendly Ford’s Tod Donner is one individual who likes a challenge.